Glass Goûte
lick your fingers

Modelled after the finger, Goûte is a teardrop-shaped glass wand designed to eat creamy foods like peanut butter, Nutella, yogurt, or chocolate mousse.
This hand-crafted utensil enhances creaminess and sweetness perception, heightens the value of food and makes for a more mindful eating experience.


Designs looking to revolutionise how we eat
“Imagine your overnight guests’ surprise when they’re handed this with their morning yogurt:
Major cool points as a host, earned”
— ELLE Decor
Redesigning what we use to eat can impact how we perceive food—and could even encourage us to adopt healthier diets.
— FastCoDesign

Wooden Goûte
the perfect honey spoon

from 19.00

The Gift Box

Our signature Goûte in aged wood or glass, accompanied by a jar of truffle honey or english honey, and a bees-wax candle 

from 35.00

The Silver Cup
a cup for a lifetime

Glass cups are ubiquitous, but they create a barrier between the sensory properties of the drink and the hand. We wanted to create a drinking vessel that would intensify the experience of drinks. The material - Brittania Silver - was chosen due to its high thermal conductivity, to experience the temperature of the drink on the hand, and the lips.

The unique beauty of the material, craft and function make "Silver Beaker" a cup that will enhance the pleasure of any drink for a lifetime.

Handmade in the UK, using traditional Silversmith techniques.