If you were to combine the functionality of chopsticks,
fork and knife in a single eating utensil,

what would it look like? 






This eating utensil fulfils the functionality of chopsticks, fork and knife for tender foods. The Tongs are made of Gilded Silver. Photo: Science Museum.


We combine inspiration from eating practices across cultures to create objects that adapt to the human hand - making the act of eating an intuitive, pleasurable, and beautiful experience.

An evolution of the M/F Tongs pictured above will be available in 2017.



Michel/Fabian creates unconventional dining utensils designed by scientists and chefs to hack the sense of taste, enhance the pleasure of foods and guide the user towards healthier consumption behaviours.

The 1st series of prototypes shown below were exposed during "Cravings", an exhibit exploring the science of body, brain and eating habits, curated by London's Science Museum. The exhibit was seen by over 1.3 million visitors between February 2014 and May 2016. These prototypes are currently exposed at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK.