In 2014, Charles Michel and Andreas Fabian started developing a series of eating utensils thinking of the tool as an extension of the hand.

Inspired by centuries of cutlery design and recent scientific research on food aesthetics, M/F eating utensils are an elegant approach to the act of eating, enhancing the pleasure of food, and encouraging healthier consumption behaviours.

The products marry design innovation and tradition, with expert craftsmen devoting the necessary attention to detail to accomplish truly beautiful objects

Culinary Experience Designers

Creating objects that connect with intuitive ways of bringing food to the mouth


Andreas Fabian, PhD


Fabian is a German Designer and Silversmith whose work unites philosophy, aesthetics and functionality. Since graduating from Royal College of Art in London, he has designed for luxury brands such as Rosenthal and is currently an educator and researcher at Buckinghamshire New University, UK. In 2011 he was awarded a PhD for his research on "Spoons and Spoonness" by Brunel University. Fabian continues to exhibit widely both nationally and internationally, with his work residing in prestigious collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Charles Michel


Michel is a French-Colombian artist and professional chef trained at the “Institut Paul Bocuse” and in Michelin-starred kitchens. He conducts research on sensory and food aesthetics in experimental psychology, University of Oxford. He has published over a dozen papers on sensory perception, and multisensory experience design. At the intersection of science, art and entrepreneurship, Michel aims to inspire solutions for important challenges in the human/food/environment relationship.

M/F artisans

Innovation and traditional crafts


Richard Price


Richard Price graduated from The Royal College of Art, UK. Having been a glass maker for over twenty five years, he has always been interested in the making process. He is always searching for innovative avenues and approaches. He has been commissioned Glass Art by Barneys (New York), Liberty (London), and Kelly Hoppen.

Dominic Jones


Dominic Jones is a furniture/product designer and maker currently based in the Chiltern Hills, UK.  He works with a range of materials, particularly wood and metal, drawing on his extensive range of skills to produce uniquely interesting and well-crafted pieces.
Dominic has worked on furniture courses at Bucks New University for over twenty-five years as well as working on his own projects, and in collaboration with other designers.


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We are a design company that rethinks
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